‘Lunar New Year’ and the need to ‘DO THE WORK!’

I mentioned on my Lunar New Year post on Tuesday that I have seen children being provided with some really positive learning experiences all about Lunar New Year, including some of the absolutely wonderful books that are available for children to learn all about Lunar New Year and it is really encouraging that so many […]

Guest blog by Helen Bartle – What is wrong with Handa’s Surprise, that much loved book of many an Early Years setting?

Consider if the book provides an accurate representation of Kenyan life or are we as readers viewing it through our white, euro centric lens? Does Eileen Browne provide a window into Kenyan life? Does Browne write from an insider perspective with an own voice perspective of Kenya…she does not and with this she becomes an […]

My response to the Race and Ethnic Disparities report and its importance to Early Years…

As you might see from my Instagram feed (link is at the bottom of the page if you don’t follow me), I shared my views at the weekend on comments made about the Birth to 5 Matters guidance from a senior Conservative MP. These comments troubled me deeply. However the more I’ve thought about it, […]